Poster exhibition

Abstracts submitted to AIDS 2018 were considered for poster presentation at TB 2018, as well as AIDS 2018 prizes and awards, including the IAS TB/HIV Research Prizes.

Below are abstracts confirmed for the TB 2018 poster exhibition:

Service delivery

  • Human rights barriers to access TB and TB/HIV perceptions by mine workers in 10 Southern Africa Countries (Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Zambia)
    L. Busang, B. Fidzani, B. Mbambo, M. Ndhlalambi, J. Mafeni, F. Mwangemi
  • Probabilistic recorded linkage as a tool to improve TB-HIV coinfection surveillance in Brazil
    K. Andrade, C.O. Dantas, D.M. Pelissari, M.S. Rocha, L.A. Nascimento Júnior, P.O. Bartholomay, D. Arakaki, R.A. Ribeiro, R. Coelho, A.R.C.d. Cunha, G.F.M. Pereira
  • How does integrating HIV and TB services affect health outcomes for HIV-TB co-infected patients in Ukraine? Results from an impact evaluation
    S. Agarwal, S. Curtis, S. Mullen, M. Skiles, Z. Charyeva, K. Brugh, C. Suchindran, O. Zaliznyak, T. Senik, P. Brodish
  • Risk factors of recurrent TB disease in a setting of high HIV prevalence
    S. Hermans, N. Zinyakatira, J. Caldwell, F. Cobelens, A. Boulle, R. Wood
  • Safety and efficacy of dolutegravir-based ART in TB/HIV co-infected adults at week 48
    K. Dooley, R. Kaplan, T. Mwelase, B. Grinsztejn, E. Ticona, M. Lacerda, O. Sued, E. Belonosova, M. Ait-Khaled, K. Angelis, D. Brown, R. Singh, C. Talarico, A. Tenorio, M. Keegan, M. Aboud
  • Increasing TB case detection and treatment among street children in the slums of Kampala District; the case of Kamwokya Christian Caring Community (KCCC)
    N. Seruma, A. Namugwere, KCCC Study Group
  • TB/HIV Co-treatment with super-boosted lopinavir and anti-tuberculosis treatment lowers abacavir concentration in children
    H. Rabie, T. Tikiso, H. McIlleron, J. Lee, I. Andrieux-Meyer, M. Cotton, M. Lallemant, P. Denti
  • Community Task Forces Making a difference: Increasing TB Case Notification Rates through Community-led TB Campaigns (TBC) in 11 Regions in Tanzania
    G. Asuquo, Y. Ferguson, K. Achebe, M. Imran
  • Trend analysis of HIV/TB integrated services utilization and coverage in Uganda Harm Reduction Referral Points in Kampala, Gulu, Mbarara and Mbale
    W.T. Lotic, E. Muhwezi, C. Baguma, S. Ajuna
  • Collaborative efforts for improving TB services; A case of PS Kenya in Nyanza region of Kenya, Private sector
    C. Kanari
  • Strengthening HIV and tuberculosis surveillance through intensified case finding in a prison in North-East India, 2017
    T. Bhatnagar, M. Ralte, L. Ralte, Chawnglungmuana, L. Sundaramoorthy, L. Chhakchhuak
  • Low ART coverage of TB/HIV Infected Patients in Central Asia: Results from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
    Y. Kudussova, T. Ellman, A. Deryabina

Tuberculosis preventive therapy / Latent TB infection

  • Policy implementation gap of Isoniazid Preventive Therapy (IPT) among people living with HIV in limited resource setting: lessons from Nepal
    K. Deuba, U. Shrestha, B. Rawal, R.P. Khanal1, R.K. Bhattarai, B.D. Pandey, R. Shrestha, A.M. Ekstrom
  • Task shifting increased IPT uptake and completion among people living with HIV in secondary health facilities southeast Nigeria
    O. Onyedinachi, O. Eghaghara, O. Adebayo, A. Eyo, G. Odutuga
  • The importance and clinical relevance of baseline LTBI screening in HIV patients
    N.S. Wong, C.C. Leung, K. Chan, W.K. Chan, A. Lin, S.S. Lee
  • Estimating Latent Tuberculosis Infection Prevalence in the United States: Back-Calculation from Active TB Cases
    A. Mirzazadeh, I.E. Fellows, H. Ashki, A. Parriott, A. Readhead, P. Barry, J. Flood, T.R. Navin, A.N. Hill, S. Reynolds, S. Marks, D. McCabe, J. Mermin, J.G. Kahn, P.B. Shete
  • Health-related quality of life in the A5274 trial (REMEMBER) of empirical tuberculosis (TB) therapy versus isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) in adult outpatients with advanced HIV
    R. Lando, X. Sun, S. Miyahara, M. Hosseinpour, G. Bisson, J. Kumwenda, A. Gupta, M. Nyirenda, K. Katendey, T. Torres, N. Suryavanshi, F. Beulah, N.S. Shah, A5274 Study Group
  • Toward Improved IPT Implementation for Adolescents Living with HIV in Swaziland: Elucidating the Barriers through the Theory of Planned Behavior
    A. Kay, N. Thivalapill, S. Donald, P. Fuentes, N. Dlamini, P. Ustero, L. Adams, A. Mandalakas


  • Utility of gene Xpert MTB/RIF as a screening assay for tuberculosis in HIV-infected patients from a rural setting of Rakai district, Uganda
    R. Muwanika
  • Enhancement of the INSHI case definition for paradoxical tuberculosis-associated immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome using latent class analysis
    C. Stek, J. Buyze, J. Menten, C. Schutz, F. Thienemann, L. Blumenthal, G. Maartens, T. Boyles, R.J. Wilkinson, G. Meintjes, L. Lynen
  • Evaluation of a Prototype cobas®MTB assay for use on the cobas® 6800/8800 Systems for the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a high burden HIV patient population
    L. Scott, A. David, J. Furrer, F. Schneider, L. Govender, S. Kumar, F. Bastos, S. Lange, P. Loetscher, N. Martinson, E.M. Marlowe, W. Stevens
  • Yield and efficiency of novel intensified tuberculosis case-finding algorithms for people living with HIV
    C. Yoon, F. Semitala, L. Asege, J. Katende, S. Mwebe, A. Andama, E. Atuhumuza, M. Nakaye, D. Armstrong, D. Dowdy, C. McCulloch, M. Kamya, A. Cattamanchi
  • The effect of HIV status on the identification of differentially culturable tubercle bacilli (DCTB) during treatment of drug susceptible tuberculosis
    J.S. Peters, A. Mc Ivor, A. Papadopoulos, T. Masangana, B.G. Gordhan, K. Otwombe, Z. Waja, N. Martinson, F. Shahim, B.D. Kana
  • Selective Immune Cell Depletion of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (Mtb) in Whole-blood Bactericidal Assay (WBA)
    G.B. Cross, B.C. Yeo, M.C. Tan, R. Verma, Q. Lu, N.I. Paton

MDR-TB / TB / HIV co-infection

  • Tuberculosis and HIV co-infection in the European Union: Epidemiology and tuberculosis treatment outcomes
    M. van der Werf, C. Ködmön
  • Tuberculosis incidence, risk factors and associated mortality in adults living with HIV, on antiretroviral therapy, in Thailand: a 12-year cohort study
    A. Duclau, N. Salvadori, A. Nechba, S. Kawilapat, E. Cercier, P. Traisathit, S. Khusuwan, P. Kanjanavikai, M. Techapornroong, S. Thongpaen, Y. Buranawanitchakorn, R. Lertkoonalak, P. Sang-a-gad, S. Le Coeur, M. Lallemant, N. Ngo-Giang-Huong, G. Jourdain
  • Data driven insight on TB and HIV co-infections amongst high risk groups in Zimbabwe: TaS4TB 2017 operational year
    T. Sengai, F. Kavhenga, G. Shumba
  • Poor Treatment outcome and higher mortality rate among TB/HIV co-infected patients compared to TB without HIV infected patients
    S. Gatechompol, J. Sophonphan, K. Kawkitinarong, G. Suwanpimolkul, S. Ubolyam, S. Kerr, A. Avihingsanon, K. Ruxrungtham
  • Clinical predictors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteremia in a contemporary cohort of HIV-infected patients in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    J. Moreira, R. Castro, C. Lamas, M.C. Lourenco, S. Ribeiro, B. Grinsztejn, V.G. Veloso